Information on another event looking for radio operators to volunteer

We are looking for a bunch more radio operators to support the Eastern States 100 Ultra Marathon.  Eastern States is a 103-mile single-loop trail race (98% single/double-track) in the Wilds region of the Allegheny Plateau in north-central Pennsylvania.  The race circumnavigates a portion of the stunning Pine Creek watershed that includes some of our longest climbs and most technical and remote terrain.  It visits storied trails like the Mid State Trail and the Black Forest Trail, and accumulates over 20,000 feet of climbing in the process — all in the glorious heat and humidity of August.  This race is Saturday Aug 13 thru Aug 14 2021 Radio operators are need to help support Logistics and Tracking runners at the 17 check points.  Please visit to sign up for and position labeled as Amateur Radio Operator. 

All sites are able to be driven to and will require at least a 25 Watt VHF mobile radio, It would also be helpful to have an antenna other than a mobile antenna. IE a high gain antenna that can be put on a drive on mast or be pulled up into a tree with rope.
This race takes part in some very remote areas with very little to no cell phone coverage and even spotty coverage from the county 911 radio system. Amateur radio is the main method of communications to keep the crew and runners safe.
Most aid stations do have food and water but I recommend volunteers should be prepared with their own Food, Water. Also be prepared to provide your own power IE. Battery or Generator.
A communications plan will be distributed to those who sign up about a week or two before the race with repeater freqs and other information like driving directions to their assigned check point.
Some other information on the race can be found at