Please remember that we have our ARES EPA Spring SET scheduled for tonight and tomorrow morning:

Friday – May 20:  2000-2400 Local Time
Saturday – May 21:  0600-1200 Local Time

The Simulated Emergency Test will be used to evaluate readiness and effectiveness of EPA ARES units to activate, deploy and establish emergency communications on a county and section-wide level. The scenario involves a powerful nor’easter that causes widespread power outages in eastern Pennsylvania requiring shelter operations.

To promote maximum participation the exercise will break over a week day - Friday and a weekend day - Saturday. It will also operate on two periods including both AM and PM windows. This design should permit as many volunteers as possible to participate. Additionally, there will be a competitive scoring format used to evaluate readiness and performance criteria.

The SET design is attached below.

Delco ARES SET Plans

At 2000 hours tonight, we will be sending out a deployment test message via ServPA.  If you have an active ServPA account you should get an email and/or text message.  Please respond to this message.  There will also be a Mission posted on Galaxy Digital, please respond to this as well.  

After 2000 hours, if you can, please deploy to your nearest shelter location.  This is typically a high school, but you could also go to a municipal building or any other location that might be used as an EOC or shelter during an emergency.  The choice of location is up to you.  If you have a fixed station or do not want to travel, you can also check in from your home location.

Shelter Locations





School Academy Park (Southeast Delco) HS 301 Calcon Hook Road Sharon Hill
School Chester Upland HS 232 West 9th Street Chester (City)
School Chichester HS 3333 Chichester Avenue Boothwyn
School Garnet Valley HS 552 Smithbridge Road Glen Mills
School Haverford HS 200 Mill Road Haverford
School Interboro HS 1600 Amosland Road Prospect Park
School Marple-Newtown HS 120 Media Line Road Newtown
School Penncrest (Rose Tree Media) HS 134 Barren Road Media
School Radnor HS 130 King of Prussia Road Wayne
School Ridley HS 901 Morton Avenue Folsom
School Springfield HS 49 W Leamy Avenue Springfield
School Strathhaven (Wallingford-Swarthmore) HS 205 S Providence Road Wallingford
School Sun Valley (Penn-Delco) HS 2881 Pancoast Avenue Aston
School Upper Darby HS 601 N Landsdowne Avenue Drexel Hill
School William Penn HS 100 Green Avenue Lansdowne

Once at you location, hook up your antenna, and use your hand-held, mobile or go kit radio to check in with Net Control using either our primary Analog or Digital repeater:

Repeaters for Delco ARES

Channel Name

On Air Name



Off Freq

Off Dir




DC R1 W3KG BOOTHWYN Delco Romeo One 446.775 441.775 5 - Minus FM Tone 88.5 Hz
DD DW W3AEC LIMA Delstar Whiskey 440.05625 445.05625 5 + Plus DV None

Once acknowledged by Net Control, inform them that you have a message in ICS-213 format to transmit.  Use the form below as a guide:

Sample ICS-213 Form

HF Messaging

If you have a HF Station, please attempt to contact the SM in the northern sector, or the SEC in the southern sector using the EPA Emergency Phone and Traffic Net frequency of 3.917 MHz on the following schedule:

Friday May 20: 2000, 2100, 2200, 2300, 2400 Local Time
Saturday May 21: 0600, 0700, 0800, 0900, 1000, 1100, 1200 Local Time

If you have Winlink setup, then please send a message in ICS-213 format to W3CTK.