We have finalized the date and time for the ARES EPA Spring SET. Please mark your calendars. The exercise will be conducted on the following schedule

Friday – May 20:  2000-2400 Local Time
Saturday – May 21:  0600-1200 Local Time

The Simulated Emergency Test will be used to evaluate readiness and effectiveness of EPA ARES units to activate, deploy and establish emergency communications on a county and section-wide level. The scenario involves a powerful nor’easter that causes widespread power outages in eastern Pennsylvania requiring shelter operations.

To promote maximum participation the exercise will break over a week day - Friday and a weekend day - Saturday. It will also operate on two periods including both AM and PM windows. This design should permit as many volunteers as possible to participate. Additionally, there will be a competitive scoring format used to evaluate readiness and performance criteria.

The SET design is attached below. Please review to plan your county participation. Any recommendations will be considered. If you have ideas that will enhance the exercise, do not hesitate to make suggestions.

Remember, this exercise is designed to gauge our readiness and effectiveness. It also affords our units an opportunity to practice what we do best. If your county is unable to deploy personnel to simulated shelters, the design permits operation from home stations. Any level of participation is encouraged.