We will be having a drill to test our ability to communicate and document information during a emergency in the area. 

The operational procedures are:

  • At the start of the exercise and every 15-20 minutes a message will be sent explaining that “This is a test and all non ARES communications should be moved to other repeaters”.
  • The drill will be a simulated SkyWarn event, all the normal procedures for such an event will be followed.
  • The drill will be from 1PM to 3PM this Sunday, October 10, 2021.
  • Please send the weather to NET control wherever you are insuring that you explain your current location, name, ID, etc.
  • Report your information every 15-20 minutes to NET control.
  • Please use the ICS-213 form to document your communication, this will help in self training on the form and is a requirement on your ARES training book.
  • We may ask you to switch to another ARES repeater or a simplex channel to simulate a possible repeater failure.
  • If you have Go Kit, please try to use that running off of battery power.  As always make sure you battery is charged.
  • Please bring your 213 forms to the monthly meeting on Monday the 11th at the 911 center, or e-mail them to Michael Thomas, Richard Caruth or Chris Kelleher.
  • Also at the meeting we will be discussing this drill, so bring any questions.
  • At the conclusion of the drill we will release the repeater(s) to general use.

Please sign up for and track your time using ReDI with this mission link:



Mike Thomas. KB3SUS
DelCo Emergency Coordinator