Delaware County ARES-RACES serves a critical role in a heavily populated industrialized area of suburban Philadelphia.  Delaware County is located in southeastern Pennsylvania nestled between the City of Philadelphia and sprawling Chester and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania and Newcastle County in Delaware. Within its jurisdiction more than half a million people live and work. Most of Philadelphia International Airport lies within Delaware County as do major refineries at Marcus Hook, where ocean-going tankers offload crude oil.  Major highways traverse the county including Interstate 95, Route 1 and Route 476. A major river, the mighty Delaware, conveys considerable tonnage through Delaware County to the Port of Philadelphia. The potential for both man-made and natural disasters is real and Delaware County ARES-RACES stands ready to assist with auxiliary emergency communications services should the need arise.

Routes I-95, I-476 and US-1 traverse Delaware County.  

Much of busy Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) lies in Delaware County